I recently designed a logo for a local tri-county chapter of Young Democrats for which I was later elected the Director of Communications. The Blanchard Valley Young Democrats are dedicated to education, enlightening, and empowering young people in the Hancock, Hardin, and Putnam county areas. Check out their website here!

logo1-03As logos go, this was one of the easier ones. Ashley, now the Executive Director, gave me pretty free reign, and was quite happy with my first proposal. It is now being used widely to brand and publicize the group.

Don Jose Mexican Restaurant Menu

When I was asked to design the menu for a Mexican restaurant soon to open in my hometown of Bluffton, I was needless to say pretty thrilled. Don Jose Mexican Restaurant was the talk of the town, and the chance to design their menu was an honor. After many hours of work (and a couple late nights), I finalized this design.


Main menu inside


Main menu outside

menu v2

Breakfast menu front

menu v2

Breakfast menu back

The entire project, from the owner’s initial email asking me to do the design until the menu was printed and ready for the restaurant opening, took less than five days. Throughout this experience, I learned about working under a tight deadline with many constraints, cooperating with local printers to achieve the desired result, and interacting with design clients.

Quote Series

For a project I had in my college typography class, I was required to design a quote of my choice in two different ways. I chose a song lyric from the musical Les Miserables that spoke to me at the time: “Somewhere beyond the barricade, is there a world you long to see?” Here are my two finished products.




ICIM Conference Branding

While working for International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM), I was asked to design and brand their conference entitled “It’s a Gut Feeling.” I started with their pamphlet, which once complete was mailed out to all 500+ doctors on their mailing list (a mailing that I helped put together as part of my job as their administrative assistant).


Among my next tasks: designing miniature versions of the pamphlet (one for each doctor speaking at the conference), creating cards containing welcomes and a blessing to go on each table, making a magazine ad, and putting together a huge sign for their variety show.

mckenzie-web-26 gutbrochure1 gutbrochure1 gutbrochure1-20 gutbrochure1

I also made numerous other designs, as shown below.

Here you can see my work in action at the conference:

Throughout this experience, I consistently met deadlines, designed using many different constraints, worked with multiple professional printing labs, and interacted with the public in a professional manner.