ICIM Conference Branding

While working for International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM), I was asked to design and brand their conference entitled “It’s a Gut Feeling.” I started with their pamphlet, which once complete was mailed out to all 500+ doctors on their mailing list (a mailing that I helped put together as part of my job as their administrative assistant).


Among my next tasks: designing miniature versions of the pamphlet (one for each doctor speaking at the conference), creating cards containing welcomes and a blessing to go on each table, making a magazine ad, and putting together a huge sign for their variety show.






I also made numerous other designs, as shown below.


Here you can see my work in action at the conference:


Throughout this experience, I consistently met deadlines, designed using many different constraints, worked with multiple professional printing labs, and interacted with the public in a professional manner.


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