Clean Fuels Ohio

A few weeks into my graphic design internship with the City of Lima, my supervisor contacted me saying they needed a large (24 x 36) banner by the weekly press conference in two days. Plus, in order to get it printed in time, I needed to have it in by 8 the next morning! She sent me a PDF Word document and a press/branding kit from Clean Fuels Ohio, which was on the roster of presenters that week, and asked me to combine the information on the first with the style of the second. My result is above.

The trickiest part of this project was recreating the logo in Illustrator. Although the City had permission to use Clean Fuels’ graphics, they didn’t send me a version of their logo that was of good enough quality to be blown up as large as it needed to be. As a result, I had to use Illustrator’s image trace feature and some hand tracing to convert it to a vector graphic that would work.

Unfortunately for me, the Clean Fuels press conference got rescheduled for several weeks down the road, which gave them time to create their own graphic. This poster was never printed, but I met the deadline and am very pleased with my design!


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