Tradition Transformed

This is a piece I created in Photoshop for submission to FishFood Magazine when I saw that they were seeking pieces for their Family Portraits issue. It was accepted and published in summer 2017. This digital collage consists entirely of stock photos, save for the people featured, which actually is a photo of my grandparents... Continue Reading →

Clean Fuels Ohio

A few weeks into my graphic design internship with the City of Lima, my supervisor contacted me saying they needed a large¬†(24 x 36) banner by the weekly¬†press conference in two days. Plus, in order to get it printed in time, I needed to have it in by 8 the next morning! She sent me... Continue Reading →

People’s Climate Rally Teaser

I recently made a social media teaser for an event in Toledo that unfortunately ended up being cancelled. Nonetheless, I was content with my result, and the person I made it for is happy to be a reference if needed. Contact me if you would like to see my list of references!

She Persisted

Inspired by a story I read online about Mitch McConnell silencing Elizabeth Warren, I designed this little graphic. Enjoy, and share around!

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